Current List of Exhibitors (as on June 10, 2024)

Exhibitors Name Stall No. Products
Aban Technologies A-020 IBG NDT Technology, Eddy Current Based Sorting & Crack Detection, Structure Test, Hardness Testing Machines
ABS Instruments Pvt. Ltd. C-112 Hardness Testing Machine, Universal Testing Machine, Fatigue Testing Machine, Sheet Metal Formability Testing Machine
Acme Rolltech Pvt. Ltd. B-032 Label Printing, PVDC Coating, Corrugation, Ceramic Rolls & Sleeves, Cleaning Solution, Flexible Packaging
Aerial Delivery Research & Development Establishment (ADRDE) B-150
Aggarwal Soundcast Pvt. Ltd. C-032 Heat Resisting Castings, Sealed Quench Trays & Fixtures, Continous Gas carburising fixtures, Forging Trays, Furnace Door Castings, Vacuum Furnace fixtures, Walking Beam Furnace Castings, Shaker Hearth Trays
Aggcon Equipments International Pvt. Ltd. A-062 Earthmoving Equipments, Excavator, Dozer, Roller, Telehandler
Ahire Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. B-114B Work Holding Solutions, Drilling & Tapping Machine, Thermal Drilling, Tool Holding Solutions, Work Holding Components
Aichelin Unitherm Heat Treatment Systems India Pvt. Ltd. D-026 Batch Furnace, Continuous Furnace and Endogas Generator & Cleaning Systems
ALD Vacuum Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. D-032 Vacuum Heat Treatment, Vacuum Metallurgy Equipments
All India Association of Industries (AIAI)
Alleima India Pvt. Ltd. E-055
Allied Refractory Products India Pvt. Ltd. A-014 Castables, Insulating Refractories, Dry Vibratables, Mortar, Precast Shapes,Innovative Products, Plastics & Patching Materials, Taphole Clay, Gunning Materials, Wet Rammables
AMB Electronic System Tech Pvt. Ltd. F-042 Atmosphere Heat Treating, Analysers, Control Systems, Monitors, Air units, Probes, Gas Caburising, Nitriding, Hardening Applications
Ami Polymer Pvt. Ltd. A-028 Gasket, Hoses, Sieves, Tubes, O-Ring, Silicone Cork & Stoppers 
Amtech Electronics (India) Ltd. C-084 Motors, Soft Starters, Drives, Back-up Systems, Engineered System, Automation, SCADA, Process PLC, HMI, Harmonic Filters, Covertors, STATCON, Opti-Power
Ashtavinayak Enterprises C-065 Steel Cut Wire Shot, Spring Steel Wires
Avigiri Urethane and Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd. A-034 Solid EPDM Profiles, Silicon Profiles, Sponge EPDM Profiles, Structural Silicon Sealant Compatible Profiles, Co-Extruded Profiles, Pre-cut / Perforated / Notched / Punched Profiles, Corded Profille, Flame Retardant Profile, Colour-Coded Profile.
Baumer India Pvt. Ltd. C-100 Sensors, Encoders, Detectors, Image Processing, Switches, Displays
Bharat Forge Ltd. Design Engineering and Product Development, Tool and Die Manufacturing, Forging, Machining, Testing and Validaion, Quality
Bhat Metals A-072
Burak Metering Pvt. Ltd. A-052 Digital Flowmeters, Safety Detectors
Center for Fire, Explosive and Environment Safety (CFEES) B-150
Centre for Military Airworthiness and Certification B-150
Coating and Anti Corrosion Engineering Review
Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (CVRDE) B-150
Construction Business Today
CT Today
Daksh Quality Systems F-038 Measuring Instruments, Microhardness Tester, Microscopes, Testing Machines, Spectrometer, Ndt Equipment
Dango and Dienenthal India Pvt. Ltd. A-046 Slag Ranking Machine, Box Charging Machine, Forging Manipulator Mobile, Transport Manipulator Mobile, Portable Robot, Tong Attachment
Deepali Designs & Exhibits Pvt. Ltd. A-060 Customized Modular & Relocatable Structures
Defence Bioengineering and Electromedical Laboratory B-150
Defence Laboratory Jodhpur (DLJ) B-150
Defence Materials & Stores Research & Development Establishment (DMSRDE) B-150
Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DMRL) B-150
Defence Research & Development Laboratory (DRDL) B-150
Defence Research and Development Organisation B-150
DTECH 360 A-060
Duratech B-080 Ceramic Tube, Ignitors
ECM Technologies D-165 Industrial Vacuum Furnaces
ELCA Laboratories C-090 Mechanical Testing, Chemical Analysis, Microstructure & Metallography, Tests on weldments, Corrosion Tests, Electrical Testing, Enviromental Test Facilities, Hazloc Testing, Paints and Painted Products, Building Material Testing
Electrical & Power Info
Electronics Era
Electrotherm (India) Ltd. E-026 Iron & Steel Making, Foundry Furnace Equipment, Induction Heating & Hardening Equipment, Air Pollution Control Equipment, Rolling Mill, Industrial Transformers
Endurance Wear Solutions LLP F-054 Tungsten Carbide Coating, Plasma Spray Coating
EPC World Media Pvt. Ltd.
ESA Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. D-068 Valves, Mixers, Industrial Burners and Electronic Devices
Eurosense Analyticals Pvt. Ltd. B-070 Oxygen Analyser, Gas Analyser, Dew Point Meter, OEM Version O2 Meter
Evolve Solar EPC – Shimato Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. D-161 Solar Inverter, Solar Module, Solar Panel, Installation & Service
Expo Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. D-070 EDM Electrodes, Insulation Boards, CFC Fixtures, Heating Elements, Casting Dies, Carbon Composite, Clutch
Fluidtherm Technology Pvt. Ltd. E-104 Heat Treatment Furnaces, Powder Metallurgy Furnaces, Batch Nitriding Furnaces, Continuous Nitrocarburising Furnaces, Brazing Furnaces, Batch and Continuous Ovens, Reactors and Process Plants, Custom Built Furnaces
Forgings Today
Francis Klein and Company F-022 Grinding Machines, Riveting Tools, Testing Machines, Turning Lathe, Rolling Machines, Hobbing Machines, Shaping Machines, Diamond Sticks, Honing Tools, Drilling Machines, Automotive Components
Furnatemp Metatek India Pvt. Ltd. E-061 Vaccum Formed Ceramic Fiber Modules, Bundle Rod Heater, Coil on Tube Heater, Heating Cassetts, Process Heaters, Heating Elements
Gefran India Pvt. Ltd. D-044 Sensors, Controllers, Power Control, Automation Platforms, System Integrator, Industrial Plants and Renewable Energy
Global Defense Insight
Golden Precision Products Pvt. Ltd. F-034 Brakes, Axles, Transmissions, Clutches, Winches, Gearboxes, Forklifts, Presses, Boring Machines, Lathes, Gear Hobbers, Milling Machines
Gostol TST India Pvt. Ltd. C-088 Shotblasting Machines, Sandblasting Chambers, Mass Finishing Machines
GT Cargo Fittings India Pvt. Ltd. A-058 Wheel Lashing Solutions, Cargo Safety Solutions, Lifting Slings, Polyster Webbings, Cargo Net, Ratchet Straps, Wire & Sheet Metal articles
Heat Shield Technologies D-127 Furnaces, Ovens, Dyers, Preheaters
Heat Treat Today
Heatcon Sensors Pvt. Ltd. B-034 Thermocouples, RTDs, Heating Equipments, Temperature Transmitters, Cables, Pyrometers, Data Loggers, Thyristors, Paperless Recorder, Hygrometers, Temperature Controllers
Heatfurn Systems D-077 Heaters, Ovens, Furnaces, Equipments, Radiant Tubes, Control Panels
Hencon Services India Pvt. Ltd. A-046
HHV Thermal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. D-053 Vacuum Heat Trestment Furnaces, Vacuum Brazing Furnaces, Hot Presses,
Vacuum Aluminium Brazing Furnaces, Vacuum Induction Melting & Casting
Furnaces; CVD, CVI & Graphitization Furnaces, Vacuum Arc Re-Melting
Furnaces, Thermo Vacuum Systems & Vacuum Ovens
High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL) B-150
Hindalco Industries Ltd. Aluminium, Copper, Cargo Handling, Chemicals, Fertilisers, Acids
I R Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. F-026 X Ray Diffraction and Fluorescence Analysers, Microwave Digestion Systems, Industrial Microscopes, Hand held XRF Analyzers and Colour Measurement Systems
ifm Electronic India Pvt. Ltd. D-115 Electronic & Safety Sensors, Fuse, Cables, IIoT Solutions, Illumination & Display Devices, Image Processing & Identification, Monitoring Systems
Indaid Engineers Pvt. Ltd. F-036 Furnaces, Kilns, Ovens, Metallic Recuperators and Equipment
India Strategic
Indian Rubber Materials Research Institute Testing, Inspection, Rubber Technology, Conveyor Belt, Hoses
Indmark Formtech Pvt. Ltd. D-073 Solar Module Mounting Structure, Cable Tray, Square Fiber Drum
Indo German Vacu Treat Pvt. Ltd. D-038 Vacuum Heat Treatment Services, Steel Grades Processed
Industrial Outlook
Industrial Product Monitor
INJIN-Corpe Pvt. Ltd. A-064 Electric Excavator
Innovative Automation Pvt. Ltd. B-086 Metering and Regulating Skids, Madas Gas Safety and Trains, Port Valves, Dampers, Actuators, Burners, Gas Flow Meters, Seitron Gas Leak Dectectors, Burner Control System and Spares
Instron F-030
IPG Photonics (India) Pvt. Ltd. F-016 Lasers, Laser Systems, Beam Delivery, Medical Components, Product Finder
Iron & Steel Review
ITW India Pvt. Ltd. F-030 Testing Systems, HDT & Vicat, System Retrofits & Upgrades, Software, Load Cells, Tensile Grips, Extensometers, Coupling, Comppression Platens, Furnaces, Crash Simulations, Structural Durability
IVA Schmetz GmbH D-087 Furnaces
JSC IT Concepts India Pvt. Ltd. C-034 Industrial Borescope, Endoscopes, Videoscopes
JSW Cement Ltd. C-010
JSW Energy Ltd. C-010
JSW Group C-010
JSW Infrastructure Ltd. C-010
JSW Steel Ltd. C-010
Kanthal E-055 Solid Bar & Hollow Bar, Billets & Blooms, Coated Strip Steel, Tube, Pipe, Fittings & Flanges, Furnace Products & Heating Systems, Fine Wire
Kateel Engineering Industry Pvt. Ltd. B-036 Brakes, Hydraulic Units, Clutch Buttons, Friction Liners, Rails Clamps, Gear Box
Keepsake Engineering Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. B-107 Thermal Spray Coatings, Carbide Wear Parts, Welding, Manipulators
Keller ITS India LLP F-020 Pyrometers
Lakshmi Vacuum Technologies Pvt. Ltd. D-022 Vacuum Furnaces, Vacuum Heat Treatment, Atmospheric Furnaces, Special Tool Steel
Leister Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. B-078 Welders, Heating Element, Flooring, Air Blowers, Thermal Cutters, Heating Systems, Roofing, Plastic Fabrication
Libratherm Instruments Pvt. Ltd. B-082 Digital Indicators, Temperature Controllers, Humidity Instruments, Data Loggers & Scanners, Thristor Cards & Controllers, Signal Isolators & Conditioners, Transmitters, Pyrometers, IoT Modules, Control Panels
Maarg Technologies RVI-NDT Pvt. Ltd. F-013 Video Boroscope , Coating Thickness Tester, Noise Detector, Miniscanner for Spot Weld/Rivet Scanning
Machine House (India) Pvt. Ltd. B-114A Insulation Pads, Precision Levelling Wedges, biAir Membrane Air Springs, Isolated Machine Foundation, Levelling Elements, FAEBi Rubber Air Springs, Antivibration Tables & Platforms, Vibration Site Survey, Data Analysis
Madras Hardtools Pvt. Ltd. C-126 Steel Wire Ropes, Lifting and Handling Equipments, Rigging Equipments, Oil & Offshore Ropes, Crane Ropes, Conveyor Cord, Wire Rope Slings, Chain Slings, Webbing Slings, Chain Pulley Blocks and Other Products, Plate Lifting Clamps, Wirelock
Magnatherm Alloys Pvt. Ltd. E-059 SQF Fixtures, Rotary Furnaces, Pit Furnace Fixtures, Muffles, Impellers, Forging Trays, Hearth Trays, Fabrication Retorts, Centricast Tubes, Cylinders & Pipes, Investment Casting Fixtures
Make in India Mittelstand (MIIM) D-111 Business Support Programme
Manas Microsystems Pvt. Ltd C-106 Flow Meters, BTU Meters, Flow Totalizer, Gauge Indicator, Type Level Switch
Mangla Plastic Industries A-044 Gumboots Rubber / PVC, Leather Safety Shoes, Nitrile Rubber Safety Shoes, Synthetic Leather Shoes, Ankle Boot, Full PVC Shoes, Jungle Boots
Manglam Electricals D-059 Sensor Technology, Motion Control, Passive Components, Power Semiconductors
Marathon Heater (India) Pvt. Ltd. B-052 Process Heater, Component Heater, Furnance Heater, Heat Tracing Solutions, Heat Sensing and Control
Mass Engineer’s C-036 Industrial Furnaces, Ladle Preheaters, Ovens, Waste Incinerator, Burners, Fixed Hearth Furnace
Maximator GmbH D-093 Pressure Pumps, Gas Boosters, Air Amplifiers, Pressure Valves, Fittings, Tubings,Pump Powerpacks, Pressure Testers, H2 Compressor, High Pressure Compressor, Pressure Gauges, Recorders, Regulators, Accesories
Maximator India Pvt. Ltd. A-048 High Pressure Pump, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Testing Equipment, Gas Booster, Valve, Air Amplifier
MEC Shot Blasting Equipments Pvt. Ltd. A-042 Ovens, Shot Blasting Machines, Peening Machines, Spare Parts, Blasters, Dust Collector, Paint Booth Systems
Mercom India
Millenia Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd. B-048 Mass Finishing Machinery, Ultrasonic Cleaning, 3D Optical Measurement, CVD-PVD Coating, Vibratory
Minerals & Metals Review (MMR)
Modern Fire Protection Systems (SSPB) A-026 SSPB-Tungus Automatic Fire Extinguishing System
Modern Metals India Pvt. Ltd. C-116 Vacuum Heat Treatment, Plasma Nitriding, Cryogenic Treatment and
Induction Hardening
Moraya Packaging India Pvt. Ltd. F-024 Heavy duty Corrugated Boxes, Wooden Pallets, Wooden Boxes, Packaging Material, Corrugated Sheets, Laminated Duplex Box, Partition Corrugated Boxes, Heavy Duty Corrugated Pallet Boxes
Moteurs J.M. D-055 Special Electronic Motors
Murugappa Morgan Thermal Ceramics Ltd. D-079 Fibres, Refractories, Microporous, FireMaster Passive Fire Protection, Heat Shields, Mastics & Coatings, Textiles & Felts, Monolithics, Papers
Nabros Transport Pvt. Ltd. C-055
NASH Robotics & Automation Pvt. Ltd. E-010 Welding Machines, Feeder, AC Controllers, Transformers, Guns, Dressers, Testing Machines
Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL) B-150
Naval Physical Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL) B-150
Neptune Industries Ltd. C-114 Building Construction Material, Sanitary Ware, Porcelain Insulators, Refractory and Technical Ceramic
Neterwala Group Metallurgy Division (Uni Deritend Ltd.) A-007 Heat Resistant Stainless Steel Alloys, Pumps, Turbo Chargers, Valves, Centrifugal & Investment Castings
NGCT Cleansys Pvt. Ltd. A-022 Aquawash, Powerclean, Tunnelwash, Aqueous and Solvent based cleaning
Nickunj Eximp Entp. Pvt. Ltd. B-118 Graphite Heating Elements, Insulation Products for Vacuum Furnace, Boring Kits, Modular Boring System, Coated Wires, Plain Wires
NMDC Ltd. F-006 Iron Ore Pellets, Donimalai
Nu-Teck Couplings Pvt. Ltd. A-040 Flexible Gear Couplings, Roller Chain Flexible Couplings, Torque Limiter, Sprockets, Gears and Pinions
Nu-Teck Engineering Company Pvt. Ltd. A-040 Crane Duty Gear Boxes, Hardened & Ground Gear Boxes, Aerator Gear Boxes, Turbine Gear Boxes and Twin Screw Extruder Gear Boxes
Om Furnaces and Ovens D-163 Furnaces and Ovens
Om Techcorp B-066 Pilger Mills, Flying & Disc Saws, Chamfering Machines, Grinding Machines, Weld Tube Mill, Inspection Systems, Measurement Systems, Monitoring Systems, Leakage Testing Systems, Automation Software
OPC Hub India (Siemens Technology & Services) D-091 Smart Buildings, Convertor, Motors, Smart Grid, eMobility, Monitoring Systems, Automation Systems, Rail Systems, Urban Technology Vehicles, Trains & Locomotives, Ultrasound Systems
Ore and Metals
Patel Furnace & Forging Pvt. Ltd. A-038 Shot Blasting Machines, ReBar (TMT), Air Operated Shot Blasting Machines, Shot Peenign Machine
PhoenixTM Ltd. F-012
Pradeep Metals Ltd. E-065
Process Engineers and Associates A-066 Plate Heat Exchanger, Pillow Plate
PROCON Systems & Solutions F-012 Thermal Imaging, X-Ray & Transmitter, Weighing Systems, Process Control Equipment, Paint Shop Equipments, Temprature Sensors, Gas Controller & Detector, Clamp Meters, RMS Digital, Load Cell, Pyrometer, Data Logger
promeos GmbH D-097 Burner Systems, Warm Air Systems, Crucible Furnaces, Pan Heaters
Prostarm Info Systems Ltd. B-122 UPS, Solar Inverter, Transformer, Li-Battery
Rail Analysis
Rajen Engineering Stores D-075
Ratnamani Techno Casts Pvt. Ltd. B-064 Pumps, Valves, Steam, Boiler
Renewable Mirror
Research & Development Establishment (R&DE) B-150
Research Center Imarat (RCI) B-150
S.R. Thermal Solution A-024 Gas Nitriding Furnace, Tempering/Pre Heating Furnace, Furnace Spare Parts
Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories B-068 Engineered Ceramic Shapes, Monolithics, Filters, Blast Furnace Area, Ceramic Protection, Heating Systems, Trough & Runners Products, Waste Conversion
SAN-EKI, Ltd. B-066
Sanghvi Movers Ltd. C-055 Crawler Mounted Cranes, Truck Mounted Cranes
Schunk Carbon Technology India Pvt. Ltd. D-089 Fans, Heating Elements, Insulations, Coating Powder, Bipolar plates, Carbon Brushes, Holders, Casting Moulds, Charging Racks, Fans, Insulations, Heating Systems, Mandrels, Dead Plates, Slip Pads, Seal Rings
Seashell Logistics Pvt. Ltd. A-023 Global freight management, Consolidation, Warehousing and Storage, Inventory / Materials management, Tracking system
Seco Warwick Systems & Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. D-010 Atmosphere Furnaces, Aluminum Furnaces, Controlled Atmosphere Brazing of Aluminum, Vacuum Metallurgy, Second-hand Furnace, Automation Services
Shoei Finishing Pvt. Ltd. E-047 Aluminium & Ferrous Furnaces, Drying Oven, Tube/ Pipe Furnaces, Fans, Heaters, Comustion Equipment, Rollers, Screw Conveyor
Silcarb Recrystallized Pvt. Ltd. D-057 Heating Elements, Industrial Furnace, Kiln Furnitures, Technical Ceramics
Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers (SIDM)
Space Product Finder
Sputtek India Pvt. Ltd. A-072 Vacuum Brazing, Vacuum Annealing, Plasma Ion Nitriding, PVD Coating, Stamping, Plastic Moulding, Machining, Die Casting
Steel & Metallurgy
Steel Tech
Subhot Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. A-056 Mica & Ceramic Band Heaters, Cartridge Heaters, Manifold Heaters, Coil Heaters
Sugavi Trading Pvt. Ltd. F-040 Agriculture CLAAS Feeder, CLAAS Elevator, GDR Feeder, GDR Elevator, C-55 Rolled Annealed Strips, C-80 Steel Strips, C-75 Annealed Strips, EN-47 Grades Strips, Dynamic Conveyors, Motorized Roller Conveyor, U-type Conveyor, Flat-bed Conveyor, Inclined conveyors, Chain Conveyor, Loading Conveyor
Surface Finishing Equipment Company F-028 Airless Shot Blasting Equipment, Air Operated Shot Blasting Equipment, Shot Peening Equipment (Air Operated / Airless), Construction Equipment
Swastik Furnaces Pvt. Ltd. E-016 Furnaces for Aluminum Process Systems, Zinc Oxide Process, Hot Rolling, Wire & Tube Annealing, Bell furnaces for Strip Coil & Wire Coil Industries
Taural India Pvt. Ltd. B-104 Aluminium Castings, Machine parts, Surface Treatment
Tekman India Pvt. Ltd. A-036 Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Furnace, Leak Detector, Accessories, Spares
Tempsens Instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd. C-067 Contact Temperature Sensors and Accessories, Infrared Temperature Sensors, Heating Solutions, Wires and Cables
Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory (TBRL) B-150
Thane Belapur Industries Association (TBIA)
The Wesman Engineering Company Pvt. Ltd. C-086 Industrial Furnances, Atmosphere Furnaces, Foundery Equipment, Combustion System, Wesman Simpson
Toshcon CD Automation (India) Pvt. Ltd. F-014 Thyristor & Electric Power Controllers
Trimurti Furnace Pvt. Ltd. A-050 Furnace, Furnace Equipment, Ovens
Tristar International A-030 Measuring Instruments, Industrial Endoscopes, Meters and Gauges
Uni Abex Alloy Products Ltd. A-007
Uni Deritend Ltd. A-007
Uni Tritech Pvt. Ltd. A-007
Unitherm Engineers Ltd. D-036 Heat Treatment Solutions, Carburizing, Carbonitriding, Gas Nitriding, Steam Treatment Process, Hardening Under Protective
Urja Daily
VDMA India Services Pvt. Ltd. D-083
Welpour Castdrive Components LLP C-082 Actuators, Automotive, Compressor, Earth Moving Equipments, Farm Equipments, Motor Parts, Pump Division
WOL3D India Ltd. A-016 3D Printers, 3D Filaments & Resins, 3D Pen, 3D Scanner, 3D Lampshades, 3D Prototype, Spare Parts
WS Warmeprozesstechnik D-095 Burners
Xitiz Technomech LLP E-023 Vacuum Furnace
Xtra Precision Screws Pvt. Ltd. E-053 High Tensile Fastener, Screw, Hex Nut
Yamayo India A-030
Zwickroell Pvt. Ltd. D-085 Testing Machines, Test Systems, Plastometer, Load Cells, Specimen Grips
99 Machinery For You